Monday, February 18, 2008

New Address

Jody's new address is:

Jody Kincaid, PCV
Corps de la Paix
BP 226
Maradi, Niger
West Africa

Jody has been selected to serve the next two years near the city of Maradi in southeastern Niger. There will be 32 Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) serving in the Maradi area.

The plans are to have the trainees come to Maradi from Niamey on Sunday, Feb 24. They'll then spend a few days in their respective villages, and return to Niamey the following Saturday, March 1st where they will complete their training. The volunteers will be sworn in on March 14th. At that time they will return to the Maradi Transit House then on to their villages. Jody will live in a concession with a young family. In a village 30 kilometers West of Maradi and 2 - 3 kilometers north of the main road.

The Maradi PCVs share an email account:
You should write Jody's name in the subject heading. The computer is pretty good about shuttling messages into individual volunteer inboxes. Jody will pick up her emails when she is able to come the PCV Transit house in Maradi which could be only once a month or so. Therefore do not expect a quick reply.

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