Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

So santa came and visited us at the hostle!

And he brought us all stockings!!

I decorated our lime tree for our christmas tree! Some ornament improvising was done!

Maradi Family Picture!!

And Ousmane petite with a christmas tree hat on!

We woke up sunday morning (some with hangovers) and opened gifts sent from home and then cooked all day getting ready for our hamburger x-mas dinner. We did secret santa before dinner each opening the gifts one at a time so everyone can see what everyone else got! We had a 2000Fcfa price limit and had to be bought in Niger (not from a care package) and a LOT of realy great things were bought!

Thought id add some more pictures

Heres 2 pictures of my village tailors.


Its watermellon season in my area of Niger. This is what i call my Bush Fridge. Its the clay thing i keep my water in so that its nice and cold all year round.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well heres a picture of the New kids and all the Maradi people that went to swear in!

And to the COSers!! Well Miss you guys!


Ag/NRM '07

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've desided to take a page out of the Flat Stanely book and take pictures with this lovely pig Cousin Sue gave me at my going away party! This is the inside of my house door!

Here is my chicken and some of the guinea fowls she raised. The redish ones are mine and the black ones are my landlady's. Unfortunatly the chicken is no longer with us as according to my villagers someone hit her and an egg died(broke) inside of her and she died.

Heres a cute little hedgehog someone caught for me. They eat them but i let this guy go.
Theres a saying here like the american "Its a peice of cake" that goes something like "Its like catching Hedgehogs" Because you just touch them and they roll up in a ball and wahlah you have dinner....

Chamillians are everywhere!!! I keep saving them and putting them out in the bush as kids kill them because everyone is scared of them.

Heres my big roster crowing in the morning.

This is a local land moniter lizard. They caught her for me and we ate it. YUMMY!!!!

Dodo playing in a bag in my house. Nigerien cats like bags too!!


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