Friday, February 13, 2009

It's been cold outside in the mornings so I set just inside my door and read instead of laying in my hammoc. Dodo sleeps on my lap while i read.

There have been some weddings in my village. And before the wedding the house is built by the men and the women put clay in the house and wet it and dance inside the house so that the house has a hard flatish flooring. This is some of the dancing just outside the house.

This is the kind of thing i see on my bush walk from my village to the main road during dry season. The camels are gone during rainy/farming season because the nomadic herders take all their animals north in to the Sahara because they would eat all the growing millet and sorghum and beans if they were left in the area.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


New addition to my zoo. Shes pregnant so ill have a new adition in the next 3 or so months (gestation is 5 months in sheep and goats)

Ofcorse the filtered water inside isn't good enough for him.

More new additions but I didnt buy these...theres 6 total.

And its building season in my village this wall is going up on the outskirts of the village and eventually itll be a whole house for someone in the villages son who is moving back from Nigeria.

The two guys in the photos are 2 of my friends and Uncle and Nephew (the one in red is the Uncle).


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