Saturday, November 22, 2008

Well never mind on the pictures....grrr mabey in Niamey which ill be there dec 6-14th.

Thanksgiving is coming up and we are having dinner tomorrow after the new kids get here because they will be in their villages for the actual day. We have a turkey wondering around the Hostel yard right now which i will be plucking and butchering tomorrow after the guard gets it killed and then one of the other girls will be cooking it.

I've started the work on a Grain Bank project in my village and need to write a preposal for the money we need. Their village contribution is the building of the building and a small part of the grain. I'll be writing a Peace Corps Partnership proposal so when that gets aproved ill be asking yall to donate!! :D

My animal count right now is up to 2 hens(use to have 3 but one got sick) 2 rosters 3 baby chickens (i think my other hen is setting on eggs somewhere in teh village she hasnt come home in a few days) 6 teenager guinea fowl and Dodo my cat. I'll be buying a ewe after Tabaski when the prices go back down.


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