Friday, February 15, 2008


I'll post more later! Its taking to long to upload right now! Selena and her daughtor Lela, SeaBass's cats durring our tech trip!!

We had class in the bush and these guys came up RIGHT next to my class!!!!

One of the sheep my family owns and her week old babies

A Fulan lady and her kids at the culture fair

The Wadabi(sp?) the coolest ethnic group in NIGER

A Wadabi girl

These are teh sheep and goat we (the Animal Husbandry people) bought durring PST the sheep is the one thats half and half! Some of the girls named the goat Fudgie and the Sheep Moonie after the Secretary-General of the UK!

26PCTs in a Bush Taxi built for 19!!!!

This is what I have every Sunday for lunch! Shincaffa da wake(rice and beans) with Tonka(red peppers, chicken bullion cube and salt pounded into a powder). My dinners are usually Rice and Sauce with some nights having a small piece of meat. I had Tuo Massara (corn pounded up then ground into a fine powder then boiled untill its a THICK blob) one night and it didnt agree with my stomach so i eat only sauce the nights they give me that....


Jane said...

Jody these pictures are awesome! So how much do you have to pay for a Bush Taxi when you squeeze more into than it is built for?

I love the pictures of the people. They are truly beautiful people.

Looks like from the smile on the PCTs faces you are having a great time even when you squeeze into tight spaces together.
What a trip.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Incredible pics Jody! It reminds me of some of the pics my sister showed me and things she described when she went to Kenya.

Michael said...

It looks like ya'll were having fun in the taxi, but I don't want to know what it smelled like! By the looks of your pictures you have your work cut out for you (the animals look a little wormy). Take care, God Bless, and we Love You.


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