Friday, February 15, 2008

In Niamey again...

this time I'm spending the night in the infermary. I've had a sore throat and a fevor for 3 days now and finaly since it didn't go away I was sent here. I have strep throat accompanied by a 102.9F fevor!!! Fun! Atleast its not intestional amobeas and/or bacteria (Niger is said to be the poopiest(cencerd for little eyes) in Peace Corps so all of the water we drink is filterd and treated with bleach by us. Site anouncements was this afternoon! I will be the first PCV in my village about 30km west of Maradi and about 2-3km off the main road and hopefully the ground is hard enough for me to get a bike!!! I asked my APCD(Assoiate Peace Corps Director...i think) to please, if he can, not to place me in a village where i have to walk in a LOT of deep sand and he seems to have done the best he could!!! So far I've seen a lot of Zarma land (the west) because Hausa land is to far for them to do any of the trips in. I'll post more later when my brain is still working! I'm going to try and upload pictures (In sha Allah "God Willing")


luckydog13 said...

Hey Jody, you said you would be the 1st PCV in your village and that it is 30km west of Maradi. I have found Maradi, but what is the name of the village. My Jr. High youth group looks forward to weekly updates from you. I'm always checking the website for updates. Sorry to hear that you are sick. I'm sure they have all the medicines that you will need to get well.

I almost think I would rather walk. A bike hurts my knees. But if you get one you will really get a work out for those thighs. Take care and get well soon.

Love ya,


Jody said...

I'm about half way between Maradi and Guidan Roumji and then about 2-3k off the road into the bush. My village won't be on your map.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your illness. That's fever is pretty up there! Get well soon, k?

Also having a bike out there sounds like it would be great. You'll be able to get around much faster, especially since the ground is more solid.



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