Sunday, March 9, 2008

Live in and Niamey

I got back from Live in Saturday March 1st. My village is so nice, real small 2 wells both about 120ft deep, they have 2 grain banks and a school. Maradi is great..its has nearly everything ill ever need with out being Niamey. Its a 12hr bus ride from Niamey to Maradi as long as everything goes well so I wont be in Niamey much!

I'm in Niamey for the day. I'm in the hostel on their wireless internet. We have a party tomorrow evening and then a BBQ in Niamey Tuesday, a party with our host famlies Wed GAD (Gender and Developemt) Auction on Thursay and swear in on Friday then we leave for our reagions Sunday...12hr ride in a ambulance type not looking forward to.

I'll post more later when i can think of more

Here's a picture of my well if you look real close you can see some donkeys off to the right pulling something...they are pulling water up for themselves and the other animals in the picture!

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