Saturday, March 29, 2008

Host Family

Here are some pics of my host family

The two women in the back are my 2 moms Fati and Bibae(bee-bay) with 2 of my sisters Barkatou(6months) and Aishatou(3 years) and the woman in blue is Scott's mom and her 3 kids, in her lap(Hadiza) and in the front of the picture Samsiya and Abdoulkadare.

Carrying water! You try it its not easy!

This is Mahamadou one of my host brothers. The white stuff is medicine for something a LOT of the kids have

From Right to left
Zalika, Hadiza, Aishatou, Me, Samsia, and Rizack

Rizack is the oldest of my host siblings Zalika is my host dad's niece she lives with the grandmother and her parents live in Niamey.

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