Monday, June 30, 2008

Another day in Niger

So life is great. I have 2 new chickens. For those who dont know while i was in Niamey for training one of my chickens died and the other 2 got real sick so my villagers ate them so they wouldnt just die and the meat go to waste. So the 2 villagers who's families at them bought me 2 new chickens. I'll get pics up some time. My cat is good! My corn, tomatoes and watermellons are growing in my yard! I need to plant my fields!!! I'm going to be planting Sorgum and peanuts! I plan on saving the peanuts i grow this year and giving them to some of my villagers that help me throughout the year to plant next year so we'll see. I have to come back in to Maradi on the 16th for my last HPV and HepA shots so hopefully I' ll beable to get online then. Now that im setting at a computer I cant think of anything to say on here. I guess thats about it for now.

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NIGER1.COM said...

Good for you Jody you got two chickens


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