Saturday, July 26, 2008

So life goes on in the Bush! I'm up to 3 chickens and a cat. My tomatoes are coming along but im having trouble with Dodo(cat) eating my corn plants before they get big enough to survive his chomping... My field is looking good! I planted Sorgum and had to replant a good chunk of it last Friday( 7/18) because of ants and planted a little Okra with it. We tilled up and thined out the sorgum that had grown. I wasnt able to do the tilling because i couldnt see the sorugum for the millet that had grown in my field. So in my field I have Sorgum and hopefully Okra and Mellon, Millet and some kinda plant they eat the leaves all that i didn't plant.

Last monday was so weird! My land lord came home from the field limping and i was thinking his hip hurt because he had mentioned it Sunday when he was helping me in my field. Well come to find out while knealing to pray the 2nd prayer of the day a scorpian crawled up his pants and stung him twice on thigh. I joked with him that Allah was mad at him and we all laughed. Well last saturday I bought a 4th chicken, a realy old one that was beyond her egg days. She was huge. So Monday I planed to slaugtor her and share the meat with my landlords family and my counterparts family. So 2 of the guys killed her and not even 2 mins later it started raining and one of them made the comment "Barkatou you kill a chicken and Allah brings us rain" I had to laugh and make the comment "Yes and Mamane prays and a scorpian stings him" we all laughed about it and it was talked about for 3 days.

I have loads of pictures but dont trust these internet cafe computers to not have a virus to infect my thumb drive so those'll have to wait till im in Niamey.

I always have so much to say when im in my village but by the time I set down to type theres not much i can think of.

I'm not so great about writing letters ill try but idk what to say. So the best way to get a letter from me is to write me one and ask questions or what not.

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david santos said...

Hello, Jody.
Excellent work!!! Thank you and have a nice week.


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