Friday, May 30, 2008

The Story Continued

To, now for the story...

Our counterparts got her Sunday the 18th and we spent Monday and Tuesday with them at Hamdy learning Peace Corps stuff. Tuesday evening they were suposed to be leaving for Niamey to leave back to our villages Wednesday. Well late that afternoon a HUGE sand storm blew in me and some of the other girls spend 10 mins bringing in all the mattresses and mosqueto nets so they wouldnt blow away or rip (pic below is AFTER we did all this). Then after the storm....the skys opend up and it POORED!!!! It rained all night

Here is Me my friend angie's counterpart and my Counterpart Mamane.And heres a picture of all of us and out counterparts and the formatures(teachers)

So I'm done with training now and heading back to Maradi tomorrow at 5am I'm not sure what day ill head back to my Village because i have to do my first Triyearly report before i head out. Ill try to get to one of the internet cafe's before i head out but no promises.


Gio Takahashi said...

Every now and then I read and check out your blog (even though I get so busy it slips my mind), it really looks like you're having a time of your life, and the pictures are just nothing short of awesome.

It's really good to hear from you and to read up on what you've been doing. It's amazing on what you're doing and I have tremendous respect for you for that. It's awesome =)

ha you guys look like you really got sand blasted from that sandstorm (and speaking of which those sandstorm pictures are amazing!)

Anyway always hoping to hear more from you (Even though I'm talking to you on MSN XP)

NIGER1.COM said...
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