Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Pics

Magari, Ousman (setting by the flag pole) his brother, the butcher and one of Ousman's sons
My landlord Mamane and his youngest Seragi and Mamane one of my counter parts is just out of hte picture
My landlords 3 kids (I think he has another one from a previous marrage but not totaly sure)
Look what my village gave me two saturdays ago before I left for market!! I also bought 3 chickens the same day at market!
Midday Prayer(~2pm) (taken from inside one of my schools class rooms)

Little girl in the school for World Vision's data collection stuff


takhisis said...

kitty!!! Let me know if I need to send you those books... I miss you!!!


Selerines said...

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Jane said...

Great pictures! In the background of picture of the men in the school yard, what are the women doing inside the walled area?
Love your new Kitty!

Jody said...

They are pulling water out of the well!


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