Friday, April 3, 2009

Pumps and Sickness...

So I've been stuck in Niamey for 5 days and a week in Maradi before that... It all started with a fervor in my village, it didn't go away after a day so i came into Maradi a week before i planned and ended up with Amoebic and bacterial disentry which total took me about 6 days to get over and i was super weak after(couldn't stand up for 1 min w/o feeling exhausted). The day I felt well enough to eat again(last Friday) I woke up and my legs had turned a dark red purple color... peace corps made me come into Niamey because of this which totally sucked!! It ended up being a drug reaction to the amoeba meds so I've been in Niamey for 5 days while my legs slowly turned Un-purple. So finally they are allowing me to return to Maradi.

While I was in my village before all the sickness World Vision came to my village and drilled to put in a hand pump in my village. The village had to pay 100,000Fcfa as their contribution to get the pump. I have probably missed some of the process in these 2 weeks I've been away on sick hold so well see when i get back whats going on.

There have also been a lot of weddings in my village lately and heres a picture of them putting the roof on one of the new couples houses!! They mix the mud on the ground and do a kind of conveyer system to get it up there and in place.

And heres a picture of my friend's 11th child (her 6th) as just over a month old!! Mom got to see him when he was only a day old.

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