Saturday, April 26, 2008

One Month In

So Ive been in my village for 3.5 weeks and Im in Maradi for the weekend! Im getting my bike and was going to go back out on monday morning but my APCD (head of the Ag sector) was suposed to come out to my site last tuesday but never showed up but he wants to go out tomorrow so Im going back out with him tomorrow because hell bring my bike with us so i dont have to wait for the next PC shuttle to bring it out!

So as for my last month! So far so good! I havent gone insane yet and things are getting better!

My land lord, Mamane O. (the mans whos house my house is in), has been in Kano Nigeria for the last 2 weeks because they needed money! Hes a realy nice man, hes about 25 years old (most adults here dont know exctly when they were bornbecause of a lack of a birth certificate and they dont celebrate b-days here) has 3 kids and his wife, Maramia, is nice too. Shes about 23 and they got married when she was 15, their oldest kid is about 7.

I hang out a lot with the men, 'studying' Hausa with Mamane S. , and playing cards and drinking tea with Sani, the market man, and his brothers. Sani is kewl, hes about 27 and, I think I figured out 1/2 the kids who bug me are his...... he has like 10 kids....... having 2 wives helps with that. The old men found out Thursday night that I have cards so I may be playing cards with them now some too!

I plan on buying some chickens next market as me and Mamane O. talked about me buying some and him feeding them and some other things in Hausa I dont remember. My village has so,e kittens theywant to give me and I told the, to wait till I get back from Niamey at the end of May.

So im at an internet cafe so let me cut this off here. I'll be in Niamey starting the 15th for 2 weeks of training so I'll update more then and add some pictures.


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