Monday, January 28, 2008


Hey guys I "snuck" on the computers at the PC Bural for a few mins! Just got back from Demyst where they set us in a PCV's village for a few days! Fun times! Rode back to the Hostal in Gothaye in teh back of a Police truck because they offerd a ride and we hadnt found a bush taxi yet! Rode back from there this morning on a bush taxi...4 to a seat and at one point some chickens in the front!! I'll have to get a picture of a bush taxi with cattle on top and post it! But thats it for now I'll post more when i have permisson to be online! Change in what ive told everyone..yall can send me packages in boxes and stuff it dosent cost much for us to get it...only a 1000cfa or 2 at most! (440cfa/$).

Hope yall are havnig fun with out me!! Its into the 50s in the mornings now!


Jane said...

Great to hear from you Jody! Sounds like very interesting times!
Enjoy your self!
Love ya

DPrice25 said...

Let us know what you need/want so we can send care packages. Can't wait to hear from you again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jody it really sounds like you're in for some great experiences while you're there! Yes I DO miss talking to you. You will probably change a lot by the time you get back, I imagine. From both gaining knowledge and you'll probably be stronger from the work they make ya do.

Keep updating,


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